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Your New Years Resolution: Get on a Street

10 January 2017

We're just days into 2017. The new year is a time for setting goals and making resolutions, so why not make jumping on a motorcycle one of yours?

There are plenty of good reasons to join the motorcycling community, or encourage your fiends in 2017. Here are just a few:

You'll Join a Fantastic Community

There's nothing quite like being involved in a community of like minded people! The motorcycling community in Australia and across the Globe is a special society of the lucky ones that live life just a little more sweetly than everyone else. Have you heard of the nod? No? Guess you don't ride a motorcycle then!

Clubs and organisations exist all over the Globe that help harbor the friendly and fun motorcycling culture. For instance, when you purchase a Harley® you are given the prestigious opportunity to join your local H.O.G.®chapter. What's H.O.G.® ? Find out here.

Your Impact on Society Lowers

Lane Filtering: Lane filtering is legal in the ACT and poses a huge benefit to all road users, helping to ease congestion and getting motorcyclists where they need to be quicker!

"One of the benefits of lane filtering is it allows motorcyclists to move quickly and safely away from congested areas of traffic. This provides motorcyclists with an opportunity to have the front position in a lane – away from other traffic," said Attorney General Simon Corbell. (Canberra Times)

Parking: Finding a car park in congested areas can be a difficult task. Not so much on a motorcycle! Not only is there ample Free motorcycle parking throughout the ACT, the Government launched a trial of legislation that allows three motorcycles per one car park.

The trial, which began from July 1, 2016 comes as the government includes new motorcycles and scooters in its vehicle emissions reduction scheme, which lowers stamp duty rates for low-emitting vehicles.

Check out a map of free motorcycle parking in the ACT:

Lower Emissions: The government is adding motorcycles and scooters to its Vehicle Emission Reduction Scheme – a scheme introduced last year to reward those who buy low emission vehicles.

That will see motorcycles and scooters classed as "B-rated" vehicles under the emissions scheme, meaning the rate of stamp duty will be $1 for every $100 of the dutiable value. The rates increase for vehicles worth more than $45,000.

"We recognize that motorcycles and scooters can offer significant environmental benefits and their emissions compare very favorably with cars," Mr Gentleman said. "As a result all new motorcycles and scooters will soon pay less duty on the purchase price." (Canberra Times)

It's Cost Effective!

Other than the lower stamp duty fees in the ACT, riding a motorcycle is cheaper than driving a car for a number of reasons. Rego costs are lowered, vehicle price is cheaper, fuel economy is better, parking is (for the most part) free, servicing and maintenance costs are budget friendly, and the list goes on!

It Makes You Cool

Alright, so this one is a little hard to talk about, because riding a motorcycle isn't about trying to be cool. But - if you ride a motorcycle, you are undeniably cooler than the rest of the population. It's true.

OK, you sold me, now what Motorcycle should I buy?

The Harley-Davidson Street™ 500 is special. Sure, it's the smallest member in the Harley-Davidson family, but it's arguably one of the most enjoyable, particularly if you're new to the world of motorcycling.

Before the introduction of the Street 500, new motorcyclists were forced to wait years before fulfilling the dream of owning a Harley®. Thankfully, the new riders of today have the option to join the Harley family the day they start their on road journey.

The 2017 edition of this beautiful little bike has some notable improvements from it's earlier generations such as ABS and the added security of an immobilizer (alarm). But the bike itself features stunning and on trend Cafe Racer styling, with a blacked out, urban Dark Custom™ feeling.

At the center of it all you carve through heat, chaos and gridlock with ease. You get a liquid-cooled Revolution X™ engine loaded with torque and built to thrive in stop and go traffic. A light frame with an easy lock-to-lock handlebar sweep for quick moves. And dark styling details like blacked out pipes, café-style windscreen and fork gaiters to put the edge on the look.

One of the most attractive qualities of a Harley-Davidson® is how easy is is to 'make it your own'. Customization is part of the Harley way, and the Street 500 provide the perfect base to build the bike you've been dreaming about.

Best thing about the Street 500?

$9,995 Ride Away!


Contact Canberra Harley-Davidson® today about your obligation (and cost!) free test ride, or just book online here.

Get your licence.

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